"Above all we champion the team. We rely on the creativity, honesty and intelligence of our people to collaborate and deliver pragmatic
engineering solutions." Kevin Berry, Director - TTW


"The Directors are pleased to advise the following promotions kicking off 2022. We offer our sincere congratulations to the valued
team members noted below." Rob Mackellar, Managing Director - TTW


Technical Directors

Nishmin Hallam - Structural 
Rami Khalil - Façade
André Pereira - Digital Engineering 


Associate Directors

Dwayne van Halewijn - Façade
Mark Eisenhuth - Drafting Manager


Associate Engineers

Garth Miller - Heritage
Padraig Clery - Structural 
Ben Stephenson - Structural
Jeffery Zhang - Structural 
Marco Fadda - Structural


Associate Drafters

Travis Sweetland - Structural
Paul Haigh - Structural 
Stephen Fahey - Structural 
Frederic Ravion - Structural