Frederic attained his structural/civil drafting qualifications in Switzerland, where he spent the first nine years of his career. Because of Swiss Structural drafter’s scope of works, he acquired experience in reoscheduling, bulk excavation drawings as well as a genuine interest for civil matters, specifically on road and carpark design. His most significant project during this time was “The House of Basketball” (FIBA headquarters) in Mies – Switzerland, as the complex shaped in-situ concrete elements and challenging steelwork structure demnaded the full extent of his knowledge and skills he had acquired. 

Since moving to Australia and joining TTW in 2012, he has utilised his vast skill set on numerous Australian projects. Frederic takes immense pride in his work on projects such as Gosford Hospital and the Geoff Henke Training Centre, where there are immediate benefits for the communities they impact. 

From your perspective, how do you think the industry is changing?

There is a greater focus on modelling quality and accuracy, as BIM coordination is progressively becoming just as important as the drawing themselves. I’m convinced I will see fully integrated models being sent on site in place of drawings before the end of my active years. 

What does your role involve at TTW?

As an associate drafter, I lead a group of 5-10 structural drafters, ranging from apprentices to senior structural drafters. I liaise with Directors and projects leaders to ensure the team has a sustainable workload and that our deadlines are met, while keeping an eye out on the quality standards of the produced documentation. I also like getting involved in discussions or committees that aim to improve drafting standards or drafting tools at TTW. The great thing about my role is that it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with our youngest team members, and seeing them evolving and progressively taking more confidence and responsibilities is the best reward a manager can get.

Most Notable Projects