Garth is an experienced structural engineer who specialises in the refurbishment, remediation and strengthening of existing buildings with emphasis on heritage sensitive developments. He has an extensive understanding of both current and historic construction techniques and is highly regarded for his ability to develop innovative designs that carefully consider interfaces between the old and new.

Best thing about being an engineer?

My favourite aspect of engineering is combining creativity with problem solving and technical knowledge to help clients achieve their goals. It is a wonderful feeling when you have a lightbulb moment that ticks all the boxes to a problem you are trying to solve and the design then forms a part of the built environment. Seeing completed buildings working as intended and being enjoyed by the end users is a delight.

What is it about the industry that motivates you?

The construction industry (particularly relating to heritage developments) provides constant challenges and problems to solve involving the various project stakeholders. Finding the right solution that satisfies client goals and technical compliance is a great motivator.

What is great about working at TTW?

The people. The various teams at TTW consist of friendly and enthusiastic professionals who all work together to bring a collaborative approach to the projects we work on, whether those projects be large complex structures or shenanigans in the office on a Friday afternoon.

Most Notable Projects