Meet the team

Rob Chairman

Robert Mackellar,
Executive Chairman

Rob is well known in the industry for his strategic thinking, planning and technical design expertise. As TTW’s Executive Chairman of the Board, and with over 30 years experience at TTW, Rob leads with a passion for engineering excellence, sustainability initiatives, and a firm belief in collaborative relationships with clients and partners.

Kevin Berry, Managing Director

Kevin Berry,
Managing Director

Kevin leads by example as TTW's Managing Director, with his dynamic and successful relationships with employees, clients, architects, builders and project managers. His extensive award-winning project portfolio only testifies to his technical excellence and ongoing achievements.

Atreyu de Lacy, Executive Director

Atreyu de Lacy,
Executive Director

Clients value Atreyu's ability to uncover creative engineering solutions through a collaborative, integrated and personal design approach. He can delve into technical detail when required and has co-authored several journal and conference papers on the fields of structural dynamics and vibration, and complex geometry and parametric design.

Barry Young, Executive Director

Barry Young,
Executive Director

Barry has over three decades of global experience as an engineer and industry leader. He has worked across London, Singapore and Hong Kong, prior to accepting a TTW Directorship in 2000. Renowned for his creative vision and pursuit of engineering excellence, Barry has amassed a multitude of award-winning projects domestically and abroad.

Glen Fowlie-1

Glen Fowlie,
Executive Director 

Glen has an entrepreneurial spirit that he takes into each project whilst leading teams. With engineering experience across NZ, UK, Canada and Australia, his expertise has been sought after by leading architects and building firms. Glen’s pragmatic approach has seen him excel across many sectors, including health, transport & infrastructure, commercial, public and sports & leisure.

Ross McDougall, Executive Director

Ross McDougall,
Executive Director

With 30+ years of experience, Ross has a deep understanding of the construction landscape and is intuitive to changes in clients' needs and expectations. He has extensive experience in Physical Security including Blast, Ballistic and Hostile vehicle mitigation design as demonstrated in projects for Commonwealth agencies such as AFP, DPS, DFAT, Defence and DSS.

Marten Eddy, Executive Director

Marten Eddy,
Executive Director 

Marten is driving commercial success through open and collaborative relationships with clients and colleagues. He is responsible for expanding the company’s portfolio through both public and private projects, nurturing a dedicated team and maintaining the tradition of engineering excellence at TTW. He has substantial experience in earthquake engineering which is essential in this part of the world.