Your Partner in Engineering

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60 years ago our founding partner, Dick Taylor said "Our work is only as good as the minds behind it". Dick was known as a true gentleman and brilliant engineering mind, he maintained lasting relationships because our clients understood his passion for outstanding architecture.


Over the decades our consulting engineers have contributed ongoing award-winning designs to the built environment because we believe in his service philosophy; a personal approach to client relationships, developing the expertise of our team, tackling the tough jobs and leading with advanced technology.

TTW Advance - what's new!

TTW Advance is the merging of our Advanced Analysis and Computational Design teams to streamline design and provide the highest level of service in technically challenging and complex designs.

It signifies our commitment to continued investment in research, development and innovation at TTW with a focus on new technologies and advanced engineering analysis and design.

To learn about the work being undertaken by our TTW Advance team please get in touch.