Paul started at TTW in 1998 as an apprentice Draftsman on the drawing board, and has grown significantly in his role now mentoring and guiding junior drafters. He has always maintained an active interest in the construction industry, being inspired by his father who was a builder. During his time at TTW he has worked on a variety of different projects in various sectors, such as his most recent project, the Redevelopment of AWM Canberra, the Australian Embassy in Nairobi and the Shore School Multi-purpose Centre and classrooms. 

What is the best thing about being a draftsperson?

I saw being a draftsperson as a way to be involved in the building industry. Things are built to last 50+ years and it's really good to be able to see and say "I was involved in that particle job" years after completion. I like creating solutions for complex problems.

What is it about the industry that motivates you? 

No job is ever the same. I work on the theory that nothing is impossible, it just takes time and money. One of my core motivations is seeing and being a part of the evolution of how buildings and things are constructed, along with the progression in design and construction techniques using innovative and sustainable materials. Over the last few years the industry has had a strong focus on using safer work practices which is good for all involved.

What is great about working at TTW?

Being a part of a large Australian company with over 60 years’ experience in completing prestigious projects both locally and internationally. I also enjoy working with people with a vast experience of knowledge within a team environment. TTW also has good training programs that are in place to advance your knowledge so projects are produced quicker and in a more economical and sustainable way.

Most Notable Projects