Bringing 19 years of international and local experience, Rami contributes his significant expertise in providing creative engineering solutions to a wide range of building types and the full spectrum of façade material.

What do you enjoy about engineering?

Taking a design from an idea all the way to a materialized end product is a great journey, especially when it involves working with beautiful minds and learning new interesting ways to engineer.

In your perspective, how do you think the industry is changing?

Sustainability, durability and the response to environmental measures are now a core feature in today’s buildings design, and we can see more clients and designers taking an active effort to do something to improve the sustainability of a project. Quality of residential projects including, but not limited to water proofing, health and comfort is also becoming a real focus. Supply chains disruptions affecting many decisions and driving a change towards alternative construction materials.

What projects have shaped your career and why?

Projects like Substation No. 164 and ANU Physics School allowed me to add real value in the design stage through a collaborative process with appreciated stakeholders and fellow designers, resulting in huge achievements for everybody. These types of projects remind you why it’s worth it to persevere through tough times, as there is always the beautiful outcome which makes it worth it.

What is the best thing about being a part of TTW Team?

The TTW team and the Façade team in particular is a team which I grew with in the last 7 years and we have been through a lot together, it gives me a feeling of being supported and involved in movement that is bigger than myself.

Most Notable Projects