Jeffery joined TTW in 2016 and started his career here working on the Gosford Hospital Redevelopment. Since then, he has worked and delivered a ranged projects across various sectors including health, commercial, residential and education. The projects that he has successfully delivered benefit not only from his in-depth knowledge in structural design but also his holistic approach in design coordination and project delivery.

Best thing about being an engineer? 

Structural engineering is closely tied to everyone’s life. The way we shape the built environment with architect determines its influence on people’s daily activities. It is a great excitation and satisfaction to see a building that we designed have positive impacts on people’s daily activities such as living, working and entertainment etc.

What excites you about the future in this industry?

The industry, and also TTW, is adopting strategies to improve its sustainability. With all the initiatives and research that the industry is currently undertaking, such as using new material, digital engineering and analysis optimisation, buildings with more cost effective structures and reduced carbon footprints are on the horizon. Atlassian Central that I am working on now is a great example of collaboration between client, builder, architect and engineer in creating a world class of green building.

What is great about working at TTW?

TTW is a place that never lacks innovation or creativity. The people here are not just hard working but also constantly striving for better outcomes by exploring unconventional and creative solutions. There are a vast amount of challenging projects that have been realised in this office by the collective effort of brilliant minds, persisting to achieve a solution.

Most Notable Projects