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Meet our Timber Team leaders – With over 20 engineers in this group, they hold a collective experience in delivering 60+ ENGINEERED TIMBER PROJECTS to date. We are excited by the industry’s enthusiasm to use mass timber as a viable construction material in the form of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), glulam and LVL.

We have developed our own in-house design tools and software that allows us to design agnostically and beyond the standard publications and guides commonly available. Further to this, our engineering and Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems are designed to ensure that prefabricated and modular elements are built and delivered to the stringent tolerances required.

This holistic and sustainable design philosophy seeks to minimise construction labour and time on site, reduce wastage of materials at fabrication, design transportable building panels and modules, and minimise crane hook time.

Chat to Alex to learn about Timber in NSW. Chat to Atreyu to learn about Timber in VIC.

Our Timber Team Leaders



  • On the frontline of timber technology and design
  • Adopting the latest lateral analysis modelling
  • Dlubal Software for CLT-specific design of floors and walls
  • Collaboration with overseas experts and academics
  • Sharing knowledge and contributing to technical papers
  • Direct network to all European and Australasian manufacturers
  • Up to date fire test knowledge
  • Involved in full-scale fire and strength testing



  • Understanding tight tolerances
  • Lightweight, panelised construction streamlines design
  • Fast and efficient building production
  • Easier construction techniques mean lower labour costs
  • Ideal solutions for modular building methods
  • Adopting the latest connections and fixtures
  • Hybrid steel and concrete timber options

Why we value timber

  • Resistant to corrosive environments
  • Offsetting the carbon footprints
  • High quality in panelised construction
  • Higher structural efficiency compared to reinforced concrete and steel
  • Lighter – resulting in less labour on site
  • Wellness effects for occupants

Timber is the new concrete

  • Cross Laminated Timber – CLT
  • Glulam
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber – LVL
  • Sawn Timber

Expertise & Partnerships

Out Team uses state-of-the art timber software to model our high-rise structures and have developed in-house software to cater for the varying material properties unique to timber suppliers around the world.

We have developed close partnerships with suppliers locally and internationally, with our team regularly spending time overseas to collaborate with suppliers.

Project Experience