The Barker College Maths and Student Hub involved the design of a new building to serve as a hub for senior studies, featuring classrooms, study spaces, and recreational areas.

Our team was responsible for the structural design and documentation for the project, which features a mass timber second floor and roof, and a concrete structure for the ground floor and level 1 that would support the building.

The structural design was complex due to the unique combination of mass timber and concrete. Our team utilized advanced digital engineering techniques to optimize the structural design, including parametric modelling and computational analysis. The result was an efficient and innovative structural design that met the requirements of the project while also minimizing materials and construction costs.

Working closely with the architect and builder, our team designed the timber structure and concrete elements to achieve a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic. The timber structure features glulam columns, bracing and beams, cross-laminated timber (CLT) floors, lift shaft walls and roofs.

Our team provided ongoing support throughout the construction phase to ensure the structural design was implemented as intended. The result of our work is a striking and innovative structure that is both functional and visually stunning. The Barker College Maths and Student Hub has become a landmark building on the school's campus, showcasing the potential of mass timber construction for educational and public spaces.

Client: Barker College

Architect: Architectus

Builder: Buildcorp

Value: $30M

Completion: 2023

Sector: School & Colleges

Services: Timber, Construction Engineering, Structural, Civil, Facade

  • 2023 Australian Timber Design Awards, Excellence in timber application - Commercial Building