Congratulations to Rami Khalil and Dwayne van Halewijn on their recent promotions to Technical Director and Associate Director respectively. This is a huge accomplishment for our Façade team, and will undoubtedly support the growth and success we are seeing across all our offices.

Rami brings creative and innovative engineering solutions to his projects, with more than 19 years of local and international experience. His work on projects such as Sub Station No. 164 and ANU School of Physics allowed him to contribute high valued knowledge to the design stages through collaborative processes with stakeholders and designers, demonstrating his technical excellence in façade engineering.

Known for his strong leadership, Dwayne adopts a positive and collaborative approach which enables him to bridge the gap between different disciplines and project teams. His contribution to significant projects such as Atlassian HQ reflects his expertise in sustainability and design of complex geometries.

We can’t wait to see what the Façade team has to offer in 2022, congratulations!


Rami Khalil  Dwayne VH