World’s first ‘Breathing Wall’ created in Sydney

As part of our ongoing commitment to a greener future, TTW is excited to be involved in another innovative sustainable design – the world’s first outdoor “Breathing Wall” filled with nearly 6000 plants.

Situated between the Pacific Highway and Atchison Street in St Leonards, the Junglefy Breathing WallTM is a major feature for the transformed Mitchell Street Plaza. Officially opened by Mayor Jilly Gibson, the 161sqm breathing plant wall will assist in providing clean air, noise reduction and a tranquil space for local workers and residents. This world’s first innovative technology filters vehicle exhausts and other pollutants to produce clean air for the surrounding area.

The key difference between a standard green wall and the Junglefy Breathing Wall is the fans inside, which draw dirty air in and push it through the plant growing medium. The plants trap and remove all of the toxins and then release the clean air. This increases circulation and speeds up the air cleaning process.

Commissioned by North Sydney Council, the upgrade of Mitchell Street Plaza incorporates a new seating, trees and bike racks designed by Environmental Partnership NSW.

TTW provided structural wall and footing design, as well as civil public domain and traffic design services for the project. The Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group at UTS will undertake ongoing monitoring and air quality testing at the wall – providing valuable data for future incorporation of living infrastructure to address air pollution in major cities.