We are proud to announce the delivery of our 3rd new TTW office fit-out in the last 12 months. Our newly expanded and refurbished office space in Melbourne is a significant milestone and reflects the commitment and effort everyone in the Melbourne team has shown in recent years.

After almost two years of lockdown, we now look forward to seeing our partners and staff settle into this new extended space, designed by Jacqui Pires and aligned to our brand, environmental and wellness objectives.


379 Collins Street is the perfect space to provide many years ahead of successful collaboration and project delivery as we grow. As Robert Mackellar, our Managing Director stated: 'This new achievement is the result of TTW's ongoing and increasing commitment towards improving the sustainability practices within our business, we have opted for a new and better space that echoes the themes of growth, sustainability, and wellbeing'.


Mark Lockwood yet again did a great job ensuring we got a great outcome from our property search, whilst our team in Melbourne led by our COO Grainne McCormack, Joanne Ford, and Atreyu De Lacy, ensured the perfect delivery of this new space. 


Our Directors extend many thanks to the entire team that made this possible, in particular our valued partners at Buildcorp, and Jacqui Pires who we have collaborated with on all 3 offices this year.


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