Don’t miss ‘Selfish’ at the Bondi: Sculpture by the Sea 2022

This unique project was a team effort working in collaboration with Cristian Rojas of Cox Architecture and Juan Pablo Pinot of Cave Urban, where Theo Yang and Geoff Bills provided structural engineering expertise. The engineering was challenged with the temporary nature and inability to permanently secure the structure, tight site constraints, proximity to the public, and restrictions on delivery and assembly. The structural solution involves the following key elements:

  • The obvious hook sculpture, constructed from stainless steel tube shop welded in pre-formed segments to create the profile, which extends up to 6m into the air
  • A steel H-grillage for stability which passes under the pathway via an existing narrow drain. The grillage utilises the pathway structure dead weight and additional steel counterweights to prevent overturning. The substructure is carefully disguised with landscaping


A tricky environment solved with smart solutions. It was a pleasure to step away from the usual day to day and apply our expertise on something a bit out of the box.

People’s choice voting is now open and we encourage you to show your support. Selfish is sculpture no. 70 and can be voted on here

'Selfish places the viewer at the pointy end of the fishing line. The oversized hook plays with scale, seemingly waiting to jag a human who is circling around… hungry for the perfect selfie.’


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