One of TTW’s sustainability strategies is reducing our low carbon footprint. TTW Associate Dr Mahdi Babaee has recently published his research on the durability of geopolymers, as low-embodied-carbon alternatives for traditional Portland cement binders, in the Concrete in Australia magazine (Dec 2019 issue).

This technical paper presents a summary of Mahdi’s recent pioneering research on durability of geopolymers and contributes to developing a better understanding of the durability of this material among both the research community and the broader community of construction industry, engineers and practitioners.

“A geopolymer designed considering its chemical and nano-to-micro-structural properties to achieve a specific durability performance can reduce the carbon emission associated with the production of ordinary Portland cement of up to 80%”

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Recent winner of the 2019 Concrete National Bursary Award, Dr Mahdi Babaee is a Chartered Professional Engineer with more than 10 years of consulting experience. He is an advocate of employing new sustainable materials in the construction industry and is well-recognised internationally for his works on developing low-embodied-carbon concretes such as geopolymers.