TTW COVID-19 Response

TTW has put in place an incident response plan dealing with the risk posed by COVID-19 to our staff, people we encounter and operations across our organisation.

The plan sets out detailed preventative actions and contingency plans for the various risks on COVID-19, in line with the live advice provided by the Australian Government’s Department of Health and The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading’s Smart Traveller service. TTW continues to monitor and update our plan daily.

Our response plan and actions include:

  • Work from home has been actioned across all 4 locations of our business.
  • Advice to staff on precautions to avoid contracting the virus
  • Advice to staff on travel
  • Advice to staff on contact with others and site visits
    • New disposable masks for each site
    • New disposable gloves for each site
    • Maintain social distancing rules, including in site hoists
    • Work on the understanding that contractors running sites have similar protocols for all site personnel and are working under the latest available government guidance
  • Advice to staff on what to do if they, another staff member, family member or persons they have been in contact exhibit symptoms of the virus
  • Daily communications with action updates as we closely monitor this pandemic.
  • Providing resources, communications and tools to all staff to support their mental health during this period.

At this time, we cannot foresee the impact of COVID-19 on our operations, but we are currently doing what we can to minimise the impact where possible and continue to work with our clients, deliver projects, collaborate and keep business as usual. We are focused on keeping calm and carrying on.

We remain positive for the future and would like to thank our clients and partners as we adjust to changing circumstances and the measures needed to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

If you have any questions about how we collaborate during this pandemic, please contact us.

Stay safe and let’s keep communications open.

Grainne McCormack
Chief Operating Officer – TTW