Featuring the city's first international five star hotel - Pullman.

The WSCCC development comprises 2 levels of basement parking, a conference centre with 1250m2 of flexible space, a 1200m2 community centre and a 4.5 star hotel accommodating 153 beds. 

TTW worked closely with the architect to optimise the basement levels, reconfiguring parking layouts to minimise transfer structures and rationalise the structural  arrangement, and where required consolidated transfers into a single transfer level at the ground floor, whilst the lowest basement levels were selected to sit above expected water table fluctuations to design out requirements for tanked walls and basement slabs. Below the basement, tanks are designed for uplift buoyancy with the deep pump out tanks held down with tension piles.

The structure comprises of solder piled shoring with temporary ground anchors, post-tensioned banded slabs to the basement, ground and level 1 structure, with post-tensioned flat plate construction utilised for the hotel floor levels. The basements provide over 14,000m2 of space which house car parking, plant rooms, storage and staff facilities.

At level 2 a large steel structure provides the roof to the conference and community centres, the pre-function lobby spaces and coverage to the entry and external terraced areas. The roof incorporates cantilevers exceeded 6m, whilst 31m spanning steel trusses are utilised to provide the column-free flexible space to the conference centre.

Client: Penrith Rugby Club Limited

Architect: Turner Studio

Builder: Richard Crookes Construction

Value: $88M

Completion: 2023

Sector: Hotels & Resorts

Services: Structural