Seed House

Castlereagh, NSW

An example of form, function and material coming together to create a peaceful space that blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Informed by its outlook, steep topography and the existing magnificent angophora trees and rocky outcrops. From these, the house takes its name, a collection of
seed pods, which respond to climate and environment.

To create a family home that is flexible and adaptable to changing needs and personalities this project consists of 5 storeys, a refurbishment and new build. The house aimed to represent health and happiness, meaning building predominantly in timber. Cross Laminated Timber panels were sourced locally and pushed to their absolute limits with the lower pods of the house extended as far as possible. The home is crafted as a series of connecting spaces or pods, defined by their functions yet flexible to link, open and close in response to function, time and environment. Every material and finish were selected for their environmental performance, with most materials left in their natural state.

Client: James Fitzpatrick

Architect: Fitzpatrick & Partners

Builder: David Campbell Building Pty Ltd

Value: $5M

Completion: 2019

Sector: Residential

Services: Timber, Structural