A $24-million purpose-built medical centre

The new medical centre includes an urgent care centre, medical centre, pathology space, pharmacy and a large innovation hub. Its unique design showcases an exposed Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structure with a concrete podium and substructure. The development encompasses many other environmentally beneficial elements such as a rain garden, a rooftop green space, a filtration system to encourage best practice stormwater management and a solar system.

This new development pushed the boundaries of conventional construction methods. TTW worked closely with the architect in the early concept phase to explore grid options in response to the architectural health planning. Our structural engineers explored grid options while accommodating other key programmatic elements, including an innovation space and a half basement carpark. The challenge was to reconcile the three separate grids, whilst ensuring the structure was optimised in terms of material use, procurement options, and construction speed. This challenge was further amplified as one of the early design principles set out by the project manager was to eliminate transfers to be cost-efficient. However, TTW's engineers examined this assumption and developed an unconventional grid system, which reconciled the three grids by introducing a small transfer. In this case, introducing a transfer was more cost-effective and resulted in a better design outcome. This produced an optimised timber structure in terms of material quantities, as well as structural depth with floor-to-floor heights, allowing for a large column-free space in the innovation hub to further enhance the architect's vision for this space.

This innovative thinking embodies TTW's design approach; using the right material for each unique project whilst having a holistic and proactive approach to design. Working closely with the client and the design team early in the process enables us to overcome potential challenges and be as cost-effective as possible while maintaining optimal design outcomes.

Client: Lyndoch Living

Architect: Thomson Adsett

Builder: Nicholson Construction

Value: $24M

Completion: 2021

Images: Thomson Adsett

Sector: Hospitals

Services: Timber, Structural, Civil