A project to meet future air traffic demand and provide a world-class passenger experience.

The Terminal 2 expansion is part of the Three-Runway System project at Hong Kong International Airport, allowing the air terminal to handle an additional 30 million passengers a year.

Due to its magnitude and impact, this project is considered crucial for establishing the airport as an international and regional aviation hub and will encourage economic growth in the region by creating employment opportunities.

As part of this process, we have been engaged as structural and façade consultants to design the roof cladding in the Terminal 2 Expansion Works, integrating both off-site and modular solutions as a core element of the new state-of-the-art facilities, contained in an elegant and complex geometry.

The roof comprises a variety of materials, such as aluminium, glass, hot rolled and cold-formed light gauge steel. Accordingly, parametric engineering workflows were used to rationalise the roof and optimise material usage. Likewise, our engineers in the TTW Advance Team developed in-house software to design a wide range of structural elements based on the specificity required.

Precisely, our expert engineers have developed a new structural design for typhoon wind loads, containing a unique cladding pre-fabricated arrangement with clamped connections and modular gutters. Plus, an automated generation of detailed BIM models (LOD400) of the roof complex geometry providing accurate insights into how and what will be constructed.

Our Façade team worked on the design structural, thermal and waterproofing design of glazed aluminium skylight with customized frame and glass for large wind loads.

Three stages of the project

The Terminal 2 expansion project is being executed in three main phases. Phase one took two years, including environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies, associated design details and funding options.

Phase two will take one year and include environmental permits, financial arrangement and other statutory process requirements.

Phase three is the implementation period, which will oversee the project's detailed design, land reclamation, and construction of related facilities.

Client: Chadwick Technology Group

Architect: AECOM

Builder: Gammon Engineering & Construction

Value: $2.2bn

Completion: 2024

Images: © Hong Kong International Airport

Sector: Transport & Infrastructure

Services: Structural, Facade