Innovative modular precast core

A 33 level building providing 300 hotel rooms, 4200 sqm commercial office space, ground floor retail and 4 levels of basement parking running from 595 to 599 Little Collins Street, less than a block from Melbourne's biggest transport hub.

Working in collaboration with Hickory, TTW developed an innovative modular core inspired by the methodology used in segmental precast box girder construction. Large scale volumetric precast concrete modules are manufactured offsite, trucked in as oversized transport and lifted into place. This system provides a core with similar stiffness and strength to a traditional in-situ core without the use of a jumpform. The precast modular core was developed to work with Hickory's HBS modular construction system resulting in a structural system for floors, walls, and columns that is predominately manufactured off site.

While the first 8 office floors are created using traditional post-tensioned insitu slabs, the remaining hotel floors are created using precast concrete planks that form part of Hickory's HBS system. These are delivered to site with façade panels and services already attached allowing them to be rapidly installed on site before being fastened together using post tensioned cables thereby creating a high quality floor plate in a fraction of the time required for a traditional concrete build.

Client: Pro-Invest

Architect: Reid Campbell

Value: $77.5M

Completion: 2021

Sector: Hotels & Resorts

Services: Structural