Presently the tallest tower on the Jakarta skyline

Gama Tower is an icon of the Jakarta skyline, Indonesia's capital city. Standing at over 285.5 metres and 64 above-ground stories, Gama Tower is unmissable and presently the tallest building in Indonesia. Gama Tower has been classified as the Tallest in Jakarta and Indonesia and also the 14th Tallest in the world for 2016.

The Westin Jakarta offers the best hotel room views in the city with commercial/offices below and a ballroom on the podium. TTW provided the building with a pile-less raft foundation and devised innovative solutions to meet wind tunnel demands and other concerns associated with high-rise construction such as differential column shortening.

Specifically, our TTW team in Indonesia designed the external stormwater system of the building including soak well and soak pond in accordance with the Authority requirement and also designed pavement, external hardscape and retaining walls in accordance with the landscape design.

Client: JO Wahana Nusantara & Bakrie Swasakti Utama

Architect: SDA

Builder: Samsung & Tatamulia Nusantara Indah

Value: $250M

Completion: 2016

Sector: Hotels & Resorts, Commercial/Industrial

Services: Structural, Civil, Facade