TTW are delivering the Build-to-Rent development, District Living, in Docklands, which will consist of three towers constructed on an existing podium structure.

There are a range of design constraints which we had to overcome to provide commercial viability and ensure active operations through the existing supermarket, retail spaces and car park was maintained.

The project viability was directly tied into the extent of invasive strengthening works. To eliminate and minimise these items, TTW developed a tiered investigative process which informed our design actions.

Tier 1: Assess existing structural capacity.

Review drawings to determine capacity of all structural elements. The structural items that required strengthening were then distilled at this point.

Tier 2: Assess true capacity.

For the structural items identified in Tier 1, TTW will review every concrete test result for the concrete batches to pour these elements. As structural specified concrete grades are minimum, it is common additional capacity is present in these elements inadequate is reduced.

Tier 3: Complete detailed investigations.

For the remaining elements that have insufficient strength we produced a detailed brief for material specialists and geotechnical engineers to determine the ultimate capacity.

This process provides the minimum number of structural elements which require strengthening. Treatment can now be specific to each element and inform the final commercial response if tenancies need to have services interrupted.

As the assessment is detailed and each element has been assessed TTW can also identify areas where additional development can be constructed. This can open alternative designs or future stages for future commercial developments.

Client: Ashe Morgan

Architect: Warren and Mahoney Arhitects

Value: $300M

Completion: 2026

Sector: Residential

Services: Structural, Civil, Facade