TTW was engaged to provide Structural, Civil, Facade and Construction Engineering services for the Cowper Street Social Housing Redevelopment in Glebe, NSW.

The project involved the demolition of existing structures to make way for the construction of three new buildings, which would create 75 eco-friendly social homes.

TTW was appointed to the project post-tender documentation, specifically due to our breadth of experience in designing and delivering successful mass timber projects.

The site presented some challenges, including poor ground conditions, and further latent ground conditions. Existing piles were identified post-demolition as the project documentation was being finalised. As a result, TTW needed to respond with changes to the substructure design that would accommodate the piles, but not result in slowing the project down.

The development included a single-level basement within the north building and a suspended ground floor for both the north and south buildings. Concrete was used at Level 1 as a transfer structure to suit a change in the column grid between the residential levels above and plant and retail spaces below. Above Level 1, a predominantly mass timber (CLT) structure was used with CLT floor and wall panels. This was continued until the roof level (Level 8) where steel and concrete composite slab was used as a more robust construction methodology for the rooftop terrace and planting. The 3-storey terraces building is predominantly CLT walls and floor panels.

The project was designed with sustainability in mind, and the use of CLT and other sustainable materials contributed to the eco-friendly nature of the development. The new social homes created a welcoming and sustainable environment for the residents of Glebe, and TTW was proud to have played a role in the project's success.

Client: NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC)

Architect: Group GSA

Builder: Kane Construction

Value: $49M

Completion: 2024

Sector: Residential

Services: Construction Engineering, Structural, Civil, Facade