A stunning Hotel and Commerical skyscraper above the heritage Firehouse Hotel

The 49 storeys mixed-use office and hotel development will offer 252 rooms, 4 star international hotel as well as 12,000 sqm of commercial space.

The hotel will occupy 19 levels of the tower with the first eight floors to be dedicated to facilities including ground floor reception, bar, restaurant, executive lounge, gym and end-of-trip amenities. The tower will also be capped with a full-level rooftop bar

The building is designed with a side core, this will enable selected levels to be integrated and provide multi-level offices of up to 1,500 sqm in size.

88 Walker is a unique building, occupying air space above a neighbouring property. The 10m long cantilever transferring 45 storeys over the heritage-listed Firehouse Hotel, lead to substantial composite steel and post tensioned concrete transfer structure being developed at the base. The eccentric loading required complex analysis of creep and shrinkage to control the "lean" on the tower and complex analysis of building dynamics for wind loading.

TTW Civil Team Undertook the following works on the project:

  • Investigation of flooding and new flood modeling to determine impacts of a large upstream catchment on the development and the impact of the development on adjacent properties and public domain areas.
  • Design of modifications to the public domain levels and storm water infrastructure to ensure the development will be above flood levels, and to ensure no adverse impacts on adjacent properties.
  • Design of the diversion of a 1500mm diameter brick stormwater pipe through the basement. Includes temporary diversions during construction and details for connection to the exiting brick pipes at the connections to existing.
  • Design and documentation of public domain upgrades to meet North Sydney Public Domain Style Manual

Client: Billbergia

Architect: Fitzpatrick+Partners

Value: $153M

Completion: 2022

Sector: Hotels & Resorts, Commercial/Industrial

Services: Structural, Civil