Residential complexes earmarked for Maitland Place at Norwest Business Park

The Maitland Square project is located in the northern part of Norwest Business Park, 400 metres from a train station that is currently under construction. The development comprises of the construction of four separate buildings ranging between 2-25 levels across 29,505 m2 of gross floor area. The 13 storey building is linked with a 25 storey residential flat building containing a total of 290 apartments and 90 commercial suites. The buildings are located above a 3 level basement for 470 vehicles.

One of the design challenges was the 9m glass façade which had specific design requirements. The design intent is to feature an aluminium aesthetics facade which is engineered with aluminium stick system and steel inserts. The facade team developed the inverted systems with mullions on the outside, rather than inside. The 9m stud-wall was designed with steel sections rather than studs, which tied back to the concrete wall.

Client: Haitchin Commercial Pty Limited

Architect: Turner Studio

Completion: 2023

Sector: Residential

Services: Structural, Facade