65 Sussex Street

65 Sussex Street

Sydney, NSW

Currently in the final stages of fitout, the new boutique hotel at 65 Sussex Street features a unique steel atrium canopy, and a striking geometric façade. The building’s location – with an existing office building on the north side, and a heritage pub on the south – brings inherent complexities for the engineering team. Additional challenges arose due to the building’s extensive use of Dincel walls.

The constraints of location included foundation issues, and structural element positions due to easement, as well as installation limitations. Complications arose when existing services were found to differ from those on the survey – a situation that produced challenges for design of the stormwater connection. The plant room involved clashes of mechanical penetrations and architectural requirements – where these could not be resolved, TTW engineers have adapted the structure to accommodate the constraints. The steelwork of the atrium canopy is particularly complicated, with connections being governed more by site limitations than strength.

The project is being delivered with an extremely tight timeframe – demanding significant expertise and responsiveness to ensure the building showcases high-quality aesthetics with structural integrity and functionality.

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