44 Martin Place

Martin Place, NSW

A Sydney heritage classic transformed

TTW’s wide portfolio of work at Martin Place, and expertise in heritage and structural engineering and re-use of existing structures, has been an immense asset to the client and design team for the refurbishment and construction works at 44 Martin Place.

Refurbishment work to 44 Martin Place involves the addition of two storeys above the existing 11 storey structure and the installation of a large atrium space through the middle of the existing structure. This will provide additional office space, and illuminate the existing offices down to the ground floor with natural light from a large skylight.

The original structure was built in 1936, with large-scale refurbishments added in the 1980s. Our expertise in structural analysis and re-use of existing structures has allowed us to design solutions which let the architectural intent to be fully envisioned while minimising expensive strengthening works to the existing structure.

Client: Gwynvill Group

Architect: HASSELL

Builder: Buildcorp

Value: $80M

Completion: 2020

Images: CGIs and Extrablack

Sector: Commercial/Industrial

Services: Heritage, Construction Engineering, Structural, Civil