Construction Engineering

With 25-30% of the build cost being "temporary works", getting the right advice is critical to the success of a project.
Glen Hetherington, Technical Director - Structural

TTW understands construction engineering to be a critical factor to the success of complex projects. We specialise in delivering efficient, practical, construction-friendly solutions that mitigate unacceptable site risks, delays, and minimise construction costs for any structure.


Our ability to advise on the most suitable temporary works, taking into consideration the condition of the structure, the surrounding environment and adjoining or neighbouring buildings, ensures a seamless phasing between all stages of construction.


We are specialists in developing construction methodologies. Our structural engineers assess the requirements of each project and develop innovative construction solutions to address specific concerns, such as difficult access and material delivery.

  • Construction methodology development
  • Temporary works planning and design
  • Façade retention
  • 3D & 4D simulation of construction staging
  • Deconstruction design
  • Equipment analysis and design

Project Experience

Town Hall Restoration

A major restoration to the entire building landscape. Works included essential services upgrade, conservation works to repair historic marble and encaustic tiled corridor flooring.  The project also comprises the refurbishment of principal historical spaces, staff offices and back of house facilities. The basement storage was excavated beneath the main hall, with the structure supported on…

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Radisson Plaza Hotel in Wales House

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Wynyard Place

CBD Commercial Development. Heritage façade retention (Shell House and 285 George Street). Heritage clock tower retention (Shell House). Staged load transfers (Existing-Temporary; Temporary-Permanent (Shell House). Complex sequencing and close coordination with the contractor’s team at Multiplex. Temporary Works key features: Transfer of 400t Heritage Clock tower from existing columns to the temporary support system and…

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Wynyard Walk

Opened to the public in late 2016, Wynyard Walk is a major transport infrastructure designed to provide pedestrians with a safe, swift, and efficient method of movement between Wynyard Train Station and the new and expanding areas of the Barangaroo waterfront precinct and Sydney CBD western corridor. Wynyard Walk components consist of a new civic…

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Sydney Grammar School Auditorium

The school’s location on the city fringe presents significant challenges and constraints when it comes to space for expansion. This unique underground subterranean auditorium is located at the heart of the campus and has a capacity of 1500 seats, with its roof-top surface functioning as a playing ground. The client’s requirement for the playground to…

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Hyatt Regency Hotel

Situated over the Western Distributor motorway, the success of this project relied on close collaboration with stakeholders, and mutual understanding within the engineering and building team to ensure constructability of design within a highly-constrained environment. The redevelopment incorporated extensive refurbishment of the existing hotel; construction of a new 27-level combined hotel and commercial tower; a…

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