TTW civil engineers have 30+ years of established and outstanding relationships with government and private sectors. Our support and collaborative approach ranges from concept stage to planning, design and construction – with ongoing management and advice for the operating life of a project.  Including in-depth knowledge and guidance of approval processes to ensure that clients reach their objectives.

The TTW team engineer successful solutions in master planning, roads, heavy duty pavements, transport terminals, storm water drainage, water sensitive urban landscape and land development.  We own the responsibility to deliver sustainable civil projects to our community.


“I’ve been working with the civil team at TTW for over 18 years. Over the years TTW have delivered innovative solutions on a diverse range of technical and complex projects and found the design team easy to collaborate and always provides the best design outcomes and cost efficiencies. I highly recommend Paul, including the wider teams full services”

Nick Kordas, Roberts Pizzarotti.


  • Pavement design and geometric layout and optimisation of significant cost savings.
  • Master-planning stages considering; stormwater, roads, flood protection, pedestrian access and service corridors.
  • Urban drainage design including the provision of detention and water quality treatments systems and water reuse systems for numerous private and public developments.
  • Residential and industrial subdivision design including the servicing of blocks
  • Modelling of stormwater catchments using MUSIC, TUFLOW, RAFTS, DRAINS, HECRAS PROJECT EXPERIENCE
  • Arterial road and pavement designs for highways, the main road underpasses, transport interchanges/depots and major intersections for new developments.
  • Industrial, commercial and residential development design.
  • Car parking, bus and heavy vehicles facilities for public, commercial and shopping mall developments.
  • Streetscape design and documentation TTW’s background in working as a member of a design team allows us to provide sympathetic treatment of site works, pavements, bridge structures, underpasses, stormwater drainage and other facilities.

Project Experience

50 Martin Place

The redevelopment of a neglected bank building at 50 Martin Place required attention to heritage requirements to deliver a sympathetic, yet contemporary and stylish new global financial headquarters for the Macquarie Group. The unique, ambitious structural design involved close collaboration between engineers, architects and the construction team to address heritage requirements; geometry of existing building;…

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SUT Factories of the Future

Factories of the Future is an award-winning hub for engaging undergraduate and high school students, alumni and the wider community. Swinburne University’s new $100 million facility is equipped with advanced visualization and design tools to explore conceptual ideas for manufacturing next generation products. The unique aspect was the development of a free-standing timber dome with…

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Chatswood Metro Grand Towers – OSD

The Metro Residences bring a new standard of resort-style living to the heart of Chatswood. Consisting of three towers Metro View (26 storeys), Metro Spire (42 storeys), and Metro Grand (46 storeys) – the shimmering glass structures are brought together with a beautiful 5-level retail podium. Metro Grand reached its full habitable height at 240m…

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Hyatt Regency Hotel

Situated over the Western Distributor motorway, the success of this project relied on close collaboration with stakeholders, and mutual understanding within the engineering and building team to ensure constructability of design within a highly-constrained environment. The redevelopment incorporated extensive refurbishment of the existing hotel; construction of a new 27-level combined hotel and commercial tower; a…

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Australian War Memorial – Eastern Precinct

The Eastern Precinct represented the express wishes of the veterans themselves and was the final phase of the overall site plan of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. The precinct consists of underground parking, a café, and a public courtyard. The formal geometry remains consistent with the surroundings, linking the old and the new.

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Gama Tower

Gama Tower is an icon of the Jakarta skyline, Indonesia’s capital city. Standing at over 285.5 metres and 64 above-ground stories, Gama Tower is unmissable and presently the tallest building in Indonesia.  Gama Tower has been classified as the Tallest in Jakarta and Indonesia and also the 14th Tallest in the world for 2016. The…

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Knoxia Apartments

This residential development is located in the heart of Knox. The main apartment building is spread over 6 storeys, with each apartment featuring classy design and generous floor space against the backdrop of the Dandenong Ranges. At the other corner of the site, and linked via a landscaped podium, are a collection of 7 luxurious…

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Bunjil Place

Bunjil Place provides the community with a cultural hub in Melbourne’s east. This innovative project has nine major award wins to date, including the 2018 Australian Timber Design Award – Excellence in Timber Design and the Victorian Australian Engineering Excellence Award. Designed to become a cultural hub in Melbourne East, the new building involved intricate…

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Anzac Memorial Centenary Project

The Anzac War Memorial is a landmark building located at the southern end of Hyde Park, Sydney. The original building completed in 1934, is a concrete structure, clad in stone, designed by Charles Bruce Dellit. As part of the NSW Centenary of Anzac, the redevelopment intent was to construct new education and interpretation facilities, including…

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Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art together with the Queensland Art Gallery, will form a single, two-site Gallery on the south bank of the Brisbane river. The design features a lightweight, open riverside pavilion containing two major levels of exhibition space, two cinemas, education facilities, a restaurant and boardwalk café.

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