We are committed to providing a workplace that is rewarding, engaging, supportive and inclusive. Continuing to create an environment where staff members feel valued and enjoy their work. A key component of our One TTW philosophy is to have policies that engage and represent our whole and diverse workforce – motivating and encouraging respect for ourselves, our colleagues, clients, and our company.

- Kayleen Orrock, HR Advisor - TTW

We build possibilities.

Why work with us

Since our inception in 1958, TTW’s success has been founded on the ethos of One TTW. This encapsulates our people working as a team to engineer creative, smart and innovative projects for our clients, that complement our environment.

Our Directors work closely with each team and remain hands-on during all stages of a project, taking responsibility from concept design to project completion.


What sets TTW apart is the integrity of our people combined with our small-business culture, no matter how much we’ve grown over the last 60+ years.

Your Career at TTW will see you work on complex, significant and large-scale projects. We champion diversity and new ideas, encouraging our engineers to continually think outside the square – to attack challenges head-on with ingenuity, and seek clever ways to deliver solutions.

Inclusion + Diversity

TTW embraces an inclusive culture that supports all, no matter of race, sex, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability, marital status, or any other legally protected category.

Striving for an environment that is fair and rewarding, our mission is to create equal opportunities for our widely diverse staff. We believe in continual improvement and setting goals to reach our full potential.


  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Parental leave
  • Employee assistance program
  • Personal development + training
  • Mentoring
  • Overseas opportunities
  • Social + sporting activities
  • Company holiday house
  • Community / Pro bono work.
Winnie Buis

Meet Winifred ‘Winnie’ Buis.

After a failed career in security, Winnie came to TTW in late 2018 wanting to emerge herself in an office environment and form strong connections with staff. It was immediately evident that her empathetic and kind-hearted nature was paw-fectly suited to the role of health and well-being officer.

Research shows having dogs in the office environment reduces stress and enhances social connections in the workplace. We are fortunate enough to hold quarterly Dog Days at TTW, where staff from all locations bring their fur children into the office for the day.

Winnie holds down the fort in Sydney. Her tail wags, playfulness and gentle cuddles bring a calm and happy presence to all. She is particularly fond of pats, leftover lunches, and walkies!