TTW celebrates the beginning of construction of the first nepali school.

TTW celebrates the beginning of construction of the first nepali school.

When in 2015 a category eleven earthquake struck Nepal, resulting in the loss of over sixteen thousand schools, TTW Director David Carolan felt compelled to make a contribution. With a specialism in engineering earthquake resistant structures, David understood that his skill was the most valuable asset he could provide to over one million devastated children.

David approached the Australian Himalayan Foundation and Ken McBryde at Hassell to begin work on a collaboration that would provide ‘first world aid’ to remote areas of Khombu.

On Wednesday the 2nd of November, TTW hosted an informative launch event celebrating the start of construction of twenty-six classrooms. In conversation with Julia Booth, David Carolan, Ken McBryde and AHF Director Greg Mortimer outlined the process of design and construction of the Nepali Rebuild Program. Over one hundred and fifty industry peers and colleagues gathered at Event cinemas where the panel shared unique insight into the lightweight steel structural design. Bringing Western standards to the decimated country, that is currently forty years behind in design and construction methodologies has taken some time and much persistence. The final design, weighing less than ten kilograms, and able to be carried in on foot, will now be available for all communities and costs under four thousand Australian dollars.

Photos of the event can be found on our Facebook Page


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