University of  Sydney Business  School (Abercrombie Precinct)

University of Sydney Business School (Abercrombie Precinct)

Darlington, NSW

The University of Sydney’s new Business School is designed to inspire the next generation of economic leaders. The centrepiece of the new purpose-built Abercrombie Building is the unique spiral staircase – Stair 4. A distinct showpiece for the structure, this staircase begins at basement level and forms a volute as it ascends to the atrium on Level 6. The diameter of each level narrows from 12m at Level 1 to 6m at its apex – resulting in a visually striking feature that is technically complex in its form and geometry.

Encompassing more than 9,100 sqm of flexible teaching and learning space, the state-of-the-art facility consolidates the Business School faculties and provides an improved southern entry to the University’s Camperdown/Darlington Campus. A venue for cutting-edge research and interactive learning, this unique building delivers a backdrop to fuel student imaginations for an innovative future.


  • NSW MBA Excellence Award – Tertiary Buildings over $70m
  • NSW AIA Awards – Educational Architecture – Commendations
  • MBA Excellence Award – Tertiary Buildings – up to $5M (Atrium Stair)


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