Regional Orange Museum

Regional Orange Museum

Orange, NSW

The concept design for the Orange Museum focuses on the addition of a multi-purpose exhibition space to the existing gallery and library, resulting in the creation of a new identity for the complex as a whole. This $8 million project provides first class museum exhibition space, incorporating a tourist information lobby, outdoor piazza and café to the centre of regional town, Orange.

 Two themes which characterise the new structure are innovation and practicality. The building is a triangular shape, with a green roof that also functions as a supplement exhibition space. The landscaped roof which has an amphitheatre stairway provides a unique but also efficient use of space.

 The structure also features moveable walls, giving the building a fluid style, but on a constructive level, this increases the versatility of the space, allowing it to be transformed into a conference centre. Another feature which reflects this theme is the incorporation of an interactive counter and wall with TVs and Ipads, presented to customers at the greeting point. Not only does this offer the public great accessibility to additional information, but also functions to prohibit the sun from penetrating the whole room. Stylistically the interactive wall creates a shield, allowing light to filter through on two of glassed walls.

 The success of the project was built on the smooth collaboration between the project design team; the ability for our structural team to work with the architect and builder to achieve a state of the art architectural masterpiece within budget and time constraints. 


  • NSW CIA Awards – Excellence in Commercial Buildings
  • NSW AIA Awards – Public Architecture – Sulman Medal
  • NSW AIA Awards – NSW Premier’s Prize

Council members check out the new grass roof

The grassed roof on the new museum building is now open to the community. Today the mayor and some councilors went for a closer look. Worth waiting for the final 15 secs of this clip to see what happened then….

Posted by Orange City Council on Wednesday, April 6, 2016


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