Anzac Memorial Centenary Project

Sydney CBD, NSW

Completing the original 1930's vision for the Memorial, by Sydney architect Bruce Dellit.

The Anzac War Memorial is a landmark building located at the southern end of Hyde Park, Sydney. The original building completed in 1934, is a concrete structure, clad in stone, designed by Charles Bruce Dellit.

As part of the NSW Centenary of Anzac, the redevelopment intent was to construct new education and interpretation facilities, including a water cascade that completes the original 1930’s vision for the Memorial. The redevelopment enhances the Memorial serving as a focal point for future generations to learn about our Anzac legacy and Australia’s war history.

The new underground facilities include education and exhibition areas organized around a new central chamber, the “Hall of Service”, visually connected to the Memorial through an open oculus. A new stair fanked by inclined lifts connects the new underground spaces with the existing ground floor.

The structure is the column free space in the new Central Chamber Hall of Service, with a visual connection to the Memorial through the Oculus. The structure within the Hall of Service features dramatic precast cantilevers towards the central oculus, leaving the space free of columns.

Client: City of Sydney

Architect: JPW / NSW Government Architects

Builder: Built

Value: $40M

Completion: 2017

Sector: Government & Public, Art & Culture

Services: Heritage, Structural, Civil

Anzac_Memorial_Centenary_Project_ACSE Award

Anzac_Memorial_Centenary_Project_CIA Award


  • 2019 – NSW Award of Excellence in Concrete – Commercial Building Category
  • 2019 – ACSE Medium Project Winner
  • 2019 – National Trust Heritage Award – Continuing The Tradition: New Design, Construction & Development
  • 2019 – National Trust Heritage Award – Judges Choice 2019

Aerial Photo

  • Dave Holden