For almost sixty years we’ve been shaping the built environment throughout Australia and South East Asia in Structural, Civil, Traffic and Facade engineering.

Our business relies on the intelligence, creativity and honesty of our people to create great designs by forming an open relationships with the client, architect and builder.

We train our staff to look at a problem from a different perspective, to see the big picture, to understand and articulate the desired vision for the project. Only then do we put our technical minds to work, to find solutions to complex problems. We harness the power of simplicity and collaboration, which has led us to work on many iconic and award winning projects around the globe.

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First established in 1958 in Sydney by three entrepreneurial engineers; Dick Taylor, Jock Thomson and Alan Whitting. They pushed the envelope of engineering design, pioneering the application of new materials and construction methodologies such as post tensioned buildings and prefabricated construction. They consequently produced some of Sydney’s quintessential buildings such as the NSW Art Gallery, NSW Parliament House and The State Library. Their philosophy of creating lasting relationships with developers, architects and builders continues to this day.

Dick Taylor – founder 1958 

Dick Taylor strived to generate a creative synergy between architect and engineer, visualising designs and transforming them into a constructible reality. His effervescent and authentic nature combined with a deep appreciation for architecture enabled Dick to become one of Sydney’s heralded engineers. His designs are visible today on many of Sydney’s status buildings.

We are now in our 4th generation of Directors and TTW remains a wholly owned Australian company. Our staff has grown to over 220 highly trained professionals across four offices. Our Directors remain hands on in all design aspects of the project and are responsible for their projects from concept design to project completion.

Our Awards

See our list of award winning projects 

Our Global Reach

Our clients have taken us all around the globe throughout South East Asia, The Middle East and Europe. We have designated commercial, residential, industrial and hotel developments in these countries to meet the relevant building standards. Where we do not have local offices we have partnered with local engineering companies to maintain our design excellence.

Our affiliation with Buro Happold Consulting Engineers has provided a consistent link across the world when needed. Within Australia we have strong ties with major engineering consultancies in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and Brisbane and regional country towns.

Our Expertise

We have a strong reputation and proven ability to produce innovative, cost effective and elegant solutions for the public and private sector. We are known for our appreciation of architecture, our understanding of buildability and the importance of economical designs.

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Our engineers welcome the challenge of articulating visionary architecture and sustainable design into efficient and elegant structural solutions. We adopt a highly collaborative approach with the project team to ensure our designs are of the utmost integrity, developing a comprehensive understanding of project requirements. We combine creativity, experience and innovation with modern engineering techniques and materials to develop solutions that achieve aesthetics, practicality and sustainability.


We engineer robust, light-weight facades that allow the architect to pursue an exceptional design for the public face of the building. We employ high performance materials and apply new technologies that maximise environmental sustainability, increases longevity and lowers maintenance costs.


Our team facilitates pragmatic civil engineering from the outset, collaborating with landscape architects, urban planners and environmental engineers to produce sustainable solutions. Our experience profiles all facets of civil engineering, offering an integrated service to both the public and private sector. We foster a holistic approach, identifying opportunities and constraints to continue finding economic and practical solutions throughout project duration.


We pioneer experience in integrated transport and traffic engineering and have established long term partnerships with both public and private institutions. We offer the suite of traffic consultancy from audits, planning and management, modelling, transport infrastructure and transport economics.

We constantly evolve to meet the challenges of structural design. We have a dedicated Advanced Technology team who research and develop innovative methods in computer aided modelling and the analysis of complex structures. Our team has developed a suite of custom tools that enable our engineers to model, analyse and design each part of a structure as efficiently as possible, streamlining the design process. Our continual investment in innovation informs improvement in design efficiency, risk mitigation and cost reduction, ultimately providing greater service to our clients.

We continue to be involved in numerous collaborative projects that utilise the latest BIM techniques. This has allowed the coordinator and integration of the structural components into the architectural and services models to be tighter throughout the project life cycle.

TTW has received the following certifications that are subject to regular annual external audit:

  • Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2008;
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System compliant with AS/NZS 4801:2001;
  • Environmental Management System compliant with ISO 14001:2004.

Further details on these certifications can be obtained by contacting us at [email protected]

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