Wystan Alexander

Wystan Alexander

Technical Director

Wystan Alexander is a dynamic leader at TTW. He joined the Sydney studio in 2005 as a Senior Structural Engineer and has recently been appointed to lead his own project teams as Technical Director.

Wystan brings a pragmatic approach to his work, and is highly sought after by clients for his ability to balance client expectations and uncover sound engineering design solutions. He is well versed across a range of project sectors including commercial, industrial, healthcare, residential, retail, government and public, education and sports facilities.

With numerous award-winning projects in his folio, Wystan continually improves his technical ability through the application of new materials such as timber and new construction methodologies.

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What inspired you to become an engineer?

When I was growing up I had a neighbour who worked in the industry. He showed me projects and drawings that fuelled my curiosity into how things were connected and worked together. This inspired my interest to become a structural engineer.

After working in this industry for over 12 years – what keeps you motivated?

I enjoy the variety of projects and the teams involved in making them come together. It’s always inspiring to work with different architects and builders, and glean new and varied perspectives on structures and construction techniques.

What are the current trends in the industry?

We are seeing the re-emergence of timber construction. It has been a building material for many centuries, but now we are seeing engineered timber (LGL, LVL, CLT), which can be produced for longer spans. Also, advancements in computational modelling, integrating architectural and engineering visions and capabilities.


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