Tim Marcot

Tim Marcot

Associate Director

Tim Marcot is a chartered professional engineer, a highly sought-after structural designer, and an Associate Director at TTW. Tim joined TTW on his return to Australia, after 14 years of living and working in London.

Tim relishes the satisfaction and reward of seeing a complex project come to fruition in an elegant, and seemingly effortless, result. He enjoys collaborating as a team, and continually learning new skills. He is particularly passionate about the growth and opportunities of timber structures, and has contributed to recent significant projects including the Macquarie University Innovation Hub.

Tim is currently working on the Sandstone Building which has a variety of facets including a steel and glass diagrid roof, a new 9 storey PT concrete frame and the construction of a pool within an existing Heritage building.

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Tell us a bit about you

I am Australian, born and bred in Sydney, but lived 14 years in London. Everyone in Sydney seems to think I’m English, whereas everyone in the UK thinks I have a strong Australian accent. I’m looking forward to losing my English accent, and being embraced as an Aussie again! Now that I’m back in Sydney I am loving living by the beach.

Best thing about being an engineer?

When you look at one your finished projects and it looks simple, elegant and effortless, yet you know that it is complicated building doing many things. This is only achieved when you work with a team (design team and contractors) who are passionate about the building, and everyone comes together with the same goals, and works hard for the result. So, I would say that one of the best things about being an engineer is working with a team who are passionate about the project and produce special buildings.

What are the best things about being a part of TTW Team?

Working with passionate engineers who consistently seek to innovate and try new ideas.

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