Robertus Pratikna

Robertus Pratikna

Technical Director

Robertus Pratikna joined TTW in 1996 and has progressed through the leadership opportunities to his recent appointment of Technical Director. He leads dynamic project teams and has completed many award winning facilities in Sydney. Robertus has a tenacious and dedicated aptitude that is driven to solve complex problems. His portfolio diversifies across residential, hotel, commercial, education, government and public buildings, healthcare, heritage and retail.

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You’ve been in the engineering game for over 25 years, what trends are you anticipating for the industry?

In my opinion concrete will be the material of choice for the next few years in Australia. However, with increasing awareness of sustainability and efficiency, I think other materials will be used more regularly. We are particularly excited to see high-rise buildings designed in steel, timber and using other systems such as the modular construction system.

What makes TTW a great engineering company?

The strength of the company is founded on a philosophy that has continued for over 58 years. The philosophy is simple but profound and that is to care 100% about the project. We take pride and ownership in finding sound engineering solutions that respect great architecture but congruently meet demands of cost, efficiency and sustainability. We have people who are experts in unique, specific fields so the knowledge resource is immense, and I think that is very attractive for our clients.


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