Richard Whitfield

Associate Director

MEng (Hons)CPEng

A versatile senior engineer with a strong technical background and detail-focused approach to design, Richard is a driving force in computational design. He has education in both architecture and engineering, and has worked on many high profile and complex structures across the UK, Asia and Australia.

In your perspective, how do you think the industry is changing?

Advancements in technology are really shaking up the industry. From new construction products such as CLT to new design technology that enables moreĀ complex designs to be realised. I think in the next few years the role of the engineer will change as we automate much of the simpler, time-consumingĀ tasks. This will allow us to concentrate on the increasing complexities driven by the more free-form design being generated by architects (i.e.the fun stuff!).

What does your role involve at TTW?

I manage a great team of engineers working on some of Sydney’s most interesting projects. I also head up the computational design team where we use algorithmic tools to automate, optimise and generate designs.

What do you enjoy about computational design?

The ability to automate the banal tasks and really focus on the complex, interesting problems is what I enjoy most. Geometrically complex work combines problem solving from a buildability perspective, with complex behaviour (as well as the ever-present cost factor) it’s the ultimate puzzle to be solved.

What are you looking forward to at TTW?

Our investment in the computational design space is very exciting. Looking ahead to the next few years I’m sure that this investment will keep TTW at theĀ forefront of engineering design.