Paul Yannoulatos

Paul Yannoulatos

Technical Director

Technical Director of Civil and Traffic Engineering at TTW, Paul Yannoulatos has a fervent approach to every project. His work is informed by his experience as a surveyor in local government before he transitioned to engineering in 1980. Paul’s dedication has grown the TTW Civil and Traffic division to be a major player in NSW.

His expertise extends across a folio of sectors including industrial, commercial, education, government projects, expert witness, healthcare, public buildings, parks, residential, subdivisions, traffic and transportation.

Paul has outstanding long-term relationships with both the private and government sectors and continues a collaborative approach, to ensure that clients reach their objectives in civil and traffic matters.

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Why engineering?

I actually started my career as a surveyor for local government. It was here that I was exposed to engineering projects so I decided to pursue a degree and have never looked back.

What in particular do you enjoy about Civil and Traffic engineering?

It’s a bit of everything. In these disciplines we get involved in a project very early in the master-planning phase so are able to develop a strong relationship with the client. I enjoy the planning, creativity and being able to influence and advise on a project to achieve the desired result.

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