Nishmin Hallam

Associate Director

BE (Hons)BComCPEng

Nishmin Hallam has been an integral structural engineer at TTW, working nationally and in Bath at TTW's partner office, Buro Happold. Her international design experience coupled with her innate leadership abilities has propelled Nishmin to her current position as Associate Director. Awarded Gold for Future Leader by Consult Australia in 2016.

Nishmin has the technical ability to transform complex problems into sound engineering solutions. Additionally, her great communication ability has led to her working on many high profile, complex structures both locally in Sydney and around the globe.

One of her most notable projects was the recently completed UNSW Material Science and Engineering Building which required a high degree of collaboration between laboratory architects, base build architects and contractors.

What inspired you to become an engineer?

I think it was inevitable being born into a family of engineers and architects. My obsession with Lego probably contributed to me becoming a engineer along with my preference for puzzles with tangible, practical and logical answers.

What exciting innovations and trends are we seeing in the construction industry?

Having worked on a lot of laboratories with both architects and builders, it is interesting to see the changes to the team collaboration. Builders are driving projects from the beginning, meaning a more cost driven approach to the project. This allows architects and engineers to refine the design and ensures projects run more smoothly.

Most Notable Projects