Michael King

Michael King


Michael is an Associate at TTW and has extensive experience specialising in advanced modelling and analysis, including floor vibration, building stability, earthquake & wind analysis, fatigue analysis and complex geometry, with a particular focus on the use of finite element analysis software.

Michael cultivates a constant intrigue for technology and its application to streamline engineering design. His portfolio extends across a wide range of sectors including education, car parks, government, healthcare, industrial, public buildings, commercial, residential and retail.

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What does your role involve at TTW?

I am a part of the advanced modelling and analysis section. The main role of our section is to analyse the lateral stability and global behaviour (wind, earthquake, etc.) of the buildings we design at TTW. While a lot of the time we deal with relatively straightforward concrete buildings, we do get the occasional ‘left of field’ job that requires a bit of creative thought in how to tackle it in the most efficient and effective way.

I have a strong interest in floor vibration analysis and design, which is necessary to ensure the serviceability of various structures such as hospital operating theatre floors, laboratories housing sensitive equipment, and lightweight or long span floors and stairs. We have recently started backing up our predicted vibration performance with our own on-site testing of the finished product.

What’s a highlighted project in your career to date?

Times Square in Canberra- this project involved the rectification of the existing floors in the building, with my role being specific to the vibration performance. This was done with brute force by installing new steelwork under the floor. We were required to analyse the floor’s predicted vibration performance before and after the rectifications; comparing and tuning the computer analysis to the results from on-site vibration testing, done by SLR consulting. This enabled us to prove the design was effective, and provided a large volume of useful data-points to refine our computer analysis methods.

A totally separate part of the same project had me hanging off ropes down the side of the building to inspect the condition of the façade.

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