Martin Rogers

Martin Rogers

Technical Director

Martin Rogers has three decades practical engineering experience, working across the UK before relocating to Australia and joining TTW in 2003 as Associate Director. Martin is highly skilled in management and complex structural engineering design having worked on many renowned and diverse projects around the world.

Martin takes a unique approach to every project, often putting himself in the shoes of the architect, builder and client to ensure he meets their different expectations from design integrity to cost and sustainability. His experience lends itself to a spectrum of project sectors from multi-storey residential and commercial, aged care facilities, food production facilities and a specialisation in large industrial projects.

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How do you maintain strong relationships with the design team?

Firstly – I acknowledge and respect that different clients have different expectations. Architects will tend to push the engineering envelope which I welcome as it challenges my design approach. I put myself in the client’s shoes and visualise the requirements from their perspective, that way I ensure it’s cost effective, sustainable and it’s driven by passion.

What’s your opinion on the future of construction?

The big thing that will change is the ability for engineers to design really interesting, out of the box structures. With the application of 3D modelling, we can visualise the designs and work out a way to devise a structural scheme.

As a leader at TTW, what advice do you give your staff?

I’m in my fourth generation of mentorship, which is an element of my job I really love. It’s a privilege to pass on knowledge and experience, guiding young engineers and draftsmen to excel. One big piece of advice is: don’t innovate for the sake of being different, explore new materials and methodologies because it is beneficial to the project at hand.

  • Novartis, Sydney 
  • 221 Miller St, North Sydney
  • UNSW Wallace Wurth Biological Science Building
  • Milson Island Leisure Centre
  • Cardinal Freeman Aged Care Stages 1,2 & 3

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