Mark Ellerington

Mark Ellerington


A highly motivated and ambitious structural engineer with 13 years’ experience working in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and the UK. A respected engineer who brings challenge, rigour and collaboration to any project he tackles. He has a diverse portfolio of experience and is well versed in the design of reinforced, precast and post-tensioned concrete, steel and glulam timber structures.

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In your perspective, how do you think the landscape of construction is changing?

It is evolving quickly – the tools available to engineers are rapidly expanding allowing opportunity for automation of repetitive tasks and modeling of complexity that only a few years ago wouldn’t be possible. The increased drive toward innovative technologies and sustainable use of resources will lead to safer, smarter and more efficient designs. One such growth area will the be use of cross laminated timber (CLT) which I believe will start to increase in use in the next few years.

Since being at TTW, what would be your standout projects?

Dangrove Art Storage Facility in Sydney, due to the collaborative working arrangement of the design team and Gateway Plaza, Circular Quay due to its prominent position and technically complex refurbishment works.

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