Kevin Berry

Kevin Berry


Joining TTW in 2010 after working in NZ and the UK, Kevin has emphatically demonstrated his leadership ability resulting in his appointments to Director in 2017. Kevin leads by example in his relationships with clients, architects, builders and project managers. His extensive project portfolio testifies to his technical ability and engineering foresight. He has contributed to various multi-award winning projects including The Star Casino and has shown his expertise across various fields including education, residential, public, commercial and health.

Kevin has developed many engineering techniques and programmes that are commonly adopted among firms today, such as integrated geometric modeling and analysis. He continues to pass on his knowledge and expertise through mentoring TTW’s graduate and student engineers. Kevin is widely involved in the structural engineering industry sitting on the board of the Association of Consulting Structural Engineers and serving on engineering panels and committees.

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Best thing about being an engineer?

I love the ability we have as engineers to shape the direction of the projects. This aspect of our role allows us to showcase creativity in solving a wide range of complex challenges for our clients. We have the ability to balance both technology and practical judgement at the same time in what we do.

As a Director, what is your vision for the company?

I would like to see TTW continue to develop around its core values of having the best people working within an inspiring environment, and providing innovative solutions. I would also like to see our staff encouraged to diversify into new areas within the industry in the coming years. The strong and lasting relationships the company fosters are important to the continuing success of the business, as are nurturing new partnerships for the future.

What makes TTW a great engineering company?

This is a simple one…. TTW puts its people first. We hire the best people and place them in an environment where we encourage them to excel and provide the best quality product for our clients. We innovate, and we continually try to improve our services and the quality of our projects. We have been doing this for the past 50 years and will continue to do so in the future.

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