Jeremy Haling

Associate Director

BE (Hons)CPEng

Chartered professional engineer, Jeremy Halling has established himself as a leader at TTW after his promotion to Associate Director in 2010.

His ability to lead projects from concept through the completion is projected across his portfolio of experience that extends to residential, heritage, commercial, government, healthcare, education and public facilities. His collaborative approach, commercial acumen and dedication to find efficient structural solutions has been a pipeline for repeat tender opportunities for the Canberra studio.

One of his most notable and career defining projects was the award winning Edmund Barton Building refurbishment and fit-out – a significant heritage building that required careful planning during the refurbishment to retain features and uphold the architectural design intent. The existing structure involved unique tapering an curved precast and prestressed elements which had to be intricately considered for all works.

What has been one of your most challenging projects and why?

Times Square refurbishment in . This involved the usual cut and shuffle for a refurbishent but the brief also required upgrading the floors for a specific vibration response criteria for the proposed tennant. This involved vibration testing and analysis before and after to determine floor stiffening structure and verify the installed solution.

How do you approach working with and balancing the different needs of the design team?

Always approach a project with an open mind. It is important to work with individual team members to understand their requirements and to convey opportunities for the structure to accommodate the various needs of other disciplines.

Most Notable Projects