Heidi Shafi

Strategic Marketing Manager

Heidi is a professional marketer with 12+ years of experience who has worked in London, Hong Kong and her hometown, Sydney.

What does your role involve at TTW?

Developing strategic marketing for business growth, driving great communications and working to support our ongoing small business culture.

As a company that’s seen so much growth over the last 60 years, it’s important our culture remains ‘small business’, inclusive and fun. TTW truly has that family feel and it’s a testament to our Directors (past and present) for leading that.

What are you looking forward to at TTW?

It is very rare that a person gets to work with such a large group of highly intelligent and creative people, I am constantly wowed by the projects. I think the key thing to TTW’s success is the generosity of our people, the collaborative style and helpfulness.

I’m excited to work on marketing projects with different teams, share ideas and create great content.