Emma Buis


BE(Hons) MIEAust, CPEng, NER, RBP

Emma joined TTW in early 2018, after working as a lead design engineer in both Victoria and South Australia. She brings a wealth of design experience in aged care, health and education facilities. Relishing the opportunity to work collaboratively in a team, she promotes innovation and creativity. Her strong communication skills and her ability to take initiative combined with her project management skills, led to her recent promotion to Associate.

What inspired you to become an engineer?

My father is a builder so a lot of my childhood was spent in and around construction sites. From a young age, this promoted an urge to understand how a building came together. I was relatively creative at school with a strong interest in math and science, but at that point in time, it was very uncommon for women from rural regions to be involved in construction. It wasn’t until my eldest brother studied civil engineering five years before me that I discovered the possibility of the engineering industry.  When it came to the end of high school, structural engineering ticked all the boxes.

What is it about the industry that motivates you?

The exciting thing about the engineering industry is that it is constantly evolving. Every year there are new advancements in design and technology, which continually push the boundary of our knowledge. Using advanced technology allows us to engineer building concepts more efficiently to achieve the architect’s vision.

What’s a key success that you adopt in your work?

One of the most important things which contribute to the success of a project is open and clear communication.  This is initiated at the early stages of a project, where we are providing conceptual framing to fit in line with the architect’s design intent. It is carried through when coordinating with a large range of other building consultants, and pivotal when a contractor is on site.

Most Notable Projects