Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

Technical Director

Daniel Taylor joined TTW in 2003 after gaining experience in the UK. His technical aptitude, commercial understanding and collaborative approach resulted in his appointment as Associate Director in 2007. Dan’s experience in the management and successful delivery of technically complex projects has seen him span multiple sectors such as education, commercial, retail, heritage, residential, healthcare, airports and major heritage refurbishment.

His attention to detail and commitment to finding a solution has facilitated many bespoke architectural designs and delivered award-winning projects. Dan provides sound engineering advice from concept phase to completion, collaborating with the design team to uphold architectural intent and ensure cost-driven and time efficient construction.

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What do you enjoy about engineering that keeps you in the industry?

There is great satisfaction in finding a solution to complex problems and seeing your hard work pay off once a building is complete.

As an engineer how do you balance the different expectations between the design team?

It’s about providing sustainable design that upholds the architectural intent and is cost effective.

What sectors do you enjoy working in and why? (e.g. commercial, public etc.)

I enjoy keeping diversity in my work; I appreciate the unique challenges of each sector and provide structural ideas which are appropriate for the demands of each industry.

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